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Latest Media News Surrounding Manhole Cover Explosions

Man Injured

A man was flung into the air by the force of a weather-related manhole explosion in Brooklyn Monday. According to Con Edison and fire officials a second person was also injured, a man, who had been walking on the street at the time of the explosion on Prospect Park West between Fourth and Fifth streets.

Three Firefighters Hurt

Three firefighters were injured when a manhole cover exploded in Brooklyn on Thursday, authorities said. At least 14 explosions sent manhole covers flying across the borough. There were no injuries in 13 of them. But in the last one, at Broadway near Lexington Ave. in Bushwick, a cover hit one firefighter in the leg and fractured it, Fire Chief Daniel Martinetion said.

Building Evacuated

Yesterday, a manhole explosion sent a cover careening into the face of an unsuspecting passerby on Prospect Park West, sending him to the hospital. This morning, dozens of resident were evacuated after another manhole blew up on 6th Street. 'Tis the season!
According to FDNY, the explosion... 

As Our Infrastructure Ages - Manhole Explosions Are On The Rise.

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