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To summarize, what are the full benefits of purchasing Swiveloc™ covers?
Improved public safety, reduced litigation from injuries and property damage and improved public relations in the communities to which you provide service. 

Do I have choices between Swiveloc™ and similar products?
No – Swiveloc™ is a one-of-a-kind fully patent protected product having the unique exhaust port design that direct the flames and pressures downward into the street as opposed to other products that eject the flames and pressures outward to injure anyone within range.

Which major utility companies have purchased Swiveloc™ covers?
Detroit Edison, Dominion Virginia Power, The Southern Company (Georgia Power), Indianapolis Power and Light, Duke Energy and Pacific Gas and Electric. We are having ongoing dialogue with other major utility companies.

Does Swiveloc™ prevent cover theft?
Absolutely. Swiveloc™ prevents theft and unauthorized access to your underground infrastructure. Special high-security latch actuator bolts, requiring a special tool, are available.

What is the cost of a Swiveloc™ cover?
The cost of the cover is dependent on several factors: the diameter of the cover, the thickness of the cover and quantity purchased.

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Has Swiveloc™ been field tested in actual underground explosions?
Yes. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) located in Lenox, Massachusetts, has tested Swiveloc™ several times for different utility customers.

Will our new Swiveloc™ covers fit into our existing frames or will we need to replace the frames as well?
In the vast majority of cases, Swiveloc™ will work in existing frames.

Can Swiveloc™ be installed on our current manhole covers or must we purchase new Swiveloc™ covers?
Swiveloc™ cannot be adapted to your current covers. You will need new covers that contain the exhaust ports incorporated into the underside of the cover as well as provisions for the latch and lug assemblies.

How does the Dynamic-Air-Dam work that is created by Swiveloc™ during an explosion?
As diffused gases exit the exhaust ports during an explosion, they are compressed, increased in pressure and angled such that they create an invisible barrier (air-dam) all around the perimeter of the cover. This prevents outside oxygen from rushing into the vault to fuel a more massive secondary (stoichometric reaction) explosion of unburned gases remaining in the vault.

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How does Swiveloc™ control the release of pressure during an underground explosion?
The lug and latch are designed to allow the cover to rise approximately two inches during the initial explosion.  Diffused gases are allowed to exit the vault through a series of exhaust ports arrayed around the perimeter of the underside of the cover.  However, should excessive forces be encountered during an explosion, a heavy duty spring, contained in the latch housing, will compress allowing the cover to rise another inch on the latch side to allow greater venting of pressures from the vault. 

What keeps Swiveloc™ from blowing out of the frame during underground vault explosions?
Swiveloc™ is restrained in the frame through the use of a latch and lug mounted on the underside of the manhole cover.

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