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Controlled Pressure Release Manhole Cover Security System
Engineered And Designed For Municipalities and Utilities

The Swiveloc™ Controlled Pressure Release Manhole Cover restraint system is the most unique, premier electrical vault explosion mitigating device found in the marketplace today. What makes it so unique as compared to other devices available on the market?

While Swiveloc™ was designed primarily to prevent flying covers during underground vault explosions, its designer also focused his attention on eliminating the potential for collateral damage to nearby properties and/or injury to pedestrians during explosive events. All the parameters and design objectives were achieved by:

* Including a series of exhaust ports that create directed venting of the extreme pressures and flames downward, evenly around the perimeter of the cover and frame, onto the street surface, in close proximity to the vault opening. This directed venting feature eliminates the potential for ejecting the flames and explosive pressures outward to char anything or anyone in their path.

* Limiting the vertical rise of the cover to only two inches, evenly, above the surface of the street. This limiting feature eliminates the possibility of rupturing a vehicle’s fuel tank or damaging its steering when traversing a cover at the moment of an explosion. Additionally, the limited rise reduces the potential for acts of terrorism by eliminating the ability to access or attack the underground infrastructure.

Meet The Principals


James A. Justice
General Manager, Sales, Operations and Marketing
Stabiloc, LLC

Professional Background: Forty-plus years experience in automotive with General Motors and Lear Corporations.   Positions held of increasing responsibilities included assignments in Manufacturing, Quality, Labor Negotiations, and Human Resources. 

Last Corporate assignment was with Lear Corporation as Vice President, Human Resources, Latin American Operations.  Responsibilities included the full array of employee benefits, labor negotiations and governmental relations for Lear operations in Honduras, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

Current areas of concentration with Stabiloc / Swiveloc, LLC, is to continue growing the business through increased sales and through expansion of  our distributor base.   

An added feature of the exhaust ports is the fact the rapidly venting pressures during an explosion creates an invisible, swirling and tumbling air dam, around the perimeter of the cover.  In doing so, outside oxygen is prevented from simultaneously rushing into the vault to fuel the remaining unburned gases.  This eliminates the more massive secondary explosion that occurs in vaults having manhole covers without the exhaust ports.  It has been estimated that eliminating the secondary explosion reduces the severity of an explosion by as much as 70 percent.

Swiveloc™ covers have been extensively tested by EPRI and their performance is well-documented.

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